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Intelligent Page Monitors (IPMs)



Available HTTP Verbs:

  • POST (Create)
  • GET (Read One) (TBC)
  • GET (Read All) (TBC)
  • PUT (Update) (TBC)
  • DELETE (Delete) (TBC)



Intelligent Page Monitors are browser-based HTTP monitors. They load a webpage using a headless browser and record statistics for all elements that the page requests. The monitor then takes a fullscreen screenshot of the webpage.

We highly recommend these monitors as a more robust way than simple HTTP monitors for actually detecting if your webpages are online and functional. Simple HTTP monitors will tell you if your servers are responding correctly, but will not tell you if the webpages are loading everything and displaying correctly. For example, it can be very promblematic if your logo, CSS or Javascript were to stop loading - IPMs will help detect this early.